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MASSH, the tool you need, to Survive

The MASSH is created out of a solid piece of 3/16 mild steel, heat treated with a Rockwell between 48-52. The tool is 22 inches long and two pounds in weight. The MASSH is a fixed blade with no moving parts. It has a Machete Edge, Axe Edge, Shovel Edge with a convenient boot notch, Hammer head, Cross hatch saw that doubles as a rasp for making saw dust/wood shavings for ease of fire starting. This Survival Tool also has a Fire barring, for easier mechanical fire starting. A quick clip Carebeaner hole and the handle is wrapped with 550 parachute cord and includes a thumb grip for ease of use.

The MASSH is a great all around tool for hunting, camping, hiking, any out door activities including the dooms day preppers. Keep this survival tool on your back pack, in your camper, strapped to your side and it will replace your axe, hatchet, shovel & machete etc.

The MASSH is a great tool for a survival situation. It will handle all of your needs such as cutting, chopping, digging, making traps, constructing shelters, building fires, creating tinder, & splitting wood etc.

What can you use the MASSH for:

  • Using the shovel to dig your car out from snow.
  • Start a fire.
  • Create a snow shelter.
  • Dig a cat hole.
  • Divert water
  • Clear brush
  • Cut down trees
  • Secure your tie off
  • Create wood shavings to make a fire
  • Dig a hole
  • Making a Dead Fall trap
  • Create notches for any type of trap.
  • Grappling hook
  • When your up the creek without a paddle, use the MASSH
  • Brush hook
  • Home gardening
  • Removing roots
  • Tying up a boat
  • Creating a clothes line
  • Binding meat to a back rack pack
  • Fishing line
  • Prying tool
  • Construct a floating raft
  • Build a shelter


Mild steel was used in creation of the tool to bend and reduce chipping. It’s the same reason you don’t hit two hammers together. I provided 550 parachute cord for the handle for multiple functions.

What can you use parachute cord for?

  • Strip it down, take small cords for fishing line
  • Mending clothing
  • Quick build for shelters
  • Tying boats or rafts
  • Anchor line
  • Clothes line


Who would use this tool?

I am a camper, I use this tool for digging cat holes and taking care of business. Clearing brush for the campsite. I use the hammer head for pounding tent stakes into the ground. Can't forget splitting wood and building a fire.


Use this tool to clear out trials, clearing cattails for a duck blind & thorny brush. Build a tripod with the saw, make traps, notches, nail timber, tying your hunt to back rack pack.


This is what the tool was designed for! Easier to build & set up tarps. Clear brush out for your camp site. Use the rasp to flattened logs to build a stronger safer shelter. Construct a floatable raft. Use your parachute cord to make fishing line,The possibilities are endless.


The MASSH, the tool you need to survive. Use the fire barring to start your fire, for heat, boiling of water & cooking. Parachute cord for your shelter, trap building and so much more. If you're a Prepper you know what this tool will do for you!


Patent Application No. 61/993,515Limited lifetime Warranty to Manufacture's defect.


Refund/Return policy: Postmarked 14 days after delivery.